Current EU energy efficiency directive


On January, 1st, 2018 the Instruction of EU 2016/2281 has officially taken effect. The given Instruction new indicators of the minimum power efficiency for installations of air conditioning and refrigerators made, on sale, and maintained in the European Union. You can read more about this directive and other directives in our article.

Cold plasma in the air

Cold plasma in the air: what is it and how it works?

Today, plasma technologies penetrate into various industries, from processing
textiles prior to air cleaning and decontamination and treatment of various diseases. But what is
plasma, how is it obtained and how does it find application in a variety of fields? For more details, you can read here

Ozone sanitization: what you should know before using it

Attention! Ozone disinfection: what you need to know to avoid harming yourself.
Recently, we are increasingly hearing about the” magic ” antiviral and antibacterial oxidizing properties of ozone. These properties, of course, exist. But in order for these properties to really work effectively, it is necessary that the ozone concentration is precisely adjusted. The exact level of ozone concentration depends on what kind of pest we intend to use it against (mold, or bacteria, or virus). In addition, the time of effective action of ozone also plays a crucial role in the destruction of the pest. You can read more details here.
History of freon creation

Did you know that there are several generations of refrigerants? Or maybe you want to know about the current situation on the EU market of fluorinated gases? The history of the discovery and description of the generations of refrigerants, as well as the situation in the EU market, you can read in this article.