Курительные кабины Диалог от компании АО «СовПлим»

Smoking cabins


Quantity of the established cabins

Modern life is full of calls and stresses, it forces many people to be still adherents of such addiction as smoking. It is promoted both a modern rhythm of life, and big loading at work and also by active advertizing of the tobacco companies.

However, those people who still could not get rid of this habit are members of collective, valuable workers and our task to respect their choice and also to make a situation around them comfortable so that it did not disturb other people in their environment.

For this purpose the Climat PROF Kazakhstan company proposes compact, mobile, qualitative solutions for the organization of smoking places at offices, public places, the airports, etc. We offer supply of equipment of the highest quality, production of the Russian company SovPlym.

Further you will see examples of installations in the Republic of Kazakhstan and also around the world and will be able to study the catalogs of products intended for the solution of problems of removal and neutralization of tobacco smoke.

Catalog “Smoking cabins Dialogue”

The catalog “Air purifiers from tobacco smoke Dialogue”