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Our company Climat PROF Kazakhstan is pleased to introduce a new partner in the field of automation and smart home systems – Salus Controls.

SALUS Controls has been designing building automation systems for the heating industry for many years. Now in our catalog you will find modern solutions for controlling any type of heating. Great experience allows us to understand the needs of people and bring to the market exactly the products that they need. Salus designs and manufactures innovative products to make your home or office a comfortable and controllable environment. Specializing in the control of hydraulic and forced pneumatic systems, we now also offer you a line of smart home products that include water leak detection and prevention. The latest technical developments of Salus controls, combined with high-precision calculations, installation and integration of our Climat PROF Kazakhstan company, guarantee you the comfort and coziness of your home.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀




The SALUS Smart Home system allows you to control and manage your heating and ventilation system, electrical appliances, and the status of doors and windows from anywhere using the SALUS Smart Home app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The SALUS Universal Gateway creates a wireless network that allows you to connect SALUS Thermostats, Radiator Valve Actuators, Door and Window Sensors, SmartPlugs, Water Sensors and Check Valve Controllers and use our built-in rules algorithm to create a powerful smart home system.







Remotely control the temperature in every room The free SALUS Smart Home app will help you with this.

Schedule and manage heating throughout your home

Do you want to feel comfortable? With our state-of-the-art thermostats, you can schedule each room individually according to your needs. You can change the settings at any time according to your circumstances. You control the heating the way you like it!


You will create your own temperature control rules

You can heat each room according to your preference. The temperature will be higher when you are at home, lower when you are working or traveling. If you want, then before the evening procedures, the temperature in the bathroom will rise, and in the bedroom will fall. Everything can be planned in the SALUS Smart Home App and called up with the OneTouch Rule Activator (CSB600, SB600).



The SALUS SG888ZB Universal Gateway is the heart of the SALUS Smart Home system, which allows SALUS Smart Home devices to communicate with each other, including with the SALUS Smart Home app. The SALUS gateway coordinates the Zigbee HA wireless protocol. This standard uses the entire SALUS Smart Home family of devices to communicate and connects to your home Wi-Fi or Ethernet to provide secure communication to the SALUS Smart Home app. Unlike other home-connected devices, the gateway is the only device that needs to have Internet access to the Internet, so it can be configured quickly and remotely, as well as easily managed and, if necessary, expanded the Smart Home system with even more devices.