Холодильное оборудование АСК-холод

ASK-cold refrigerating appliances


The ASK-cold company is an official supplier of the certified refrigerating appliances from the leading European and Russian producers. We are engaged in design, construction and the equipment of industrial refrigerating warehouses, freezers, trade pavilions and shops. Production sandwich of panels and implementation of installation of all types of the refrigerating and climatic appliances.

ASK-cold is engaged in production of the following types of products
Sandwich panel
The company is engaged in production wall and roofing sandwich panels from PPU and FEAST. All delivered by us sandwich panel are effective not only in respect of heat preservation, but also and in providing good sound insulation.

Refrigerating appliances: industrial, trade, commercial
ASK-cold is producers of compressor units, monoblocks and a Split systems of “ASK”.

It is also possible to buy refrigerating appliances for shops/restaurants/cafe and so forth:
1. Built-in and portable show-windows, boneta, hills;
2. Refrigerating cases and lari;
3. Split system and refrigerating monoblocks.

Both already ready decisions for business, and a possibility of creation of the unique project meeting the separate requirements of the client are offered.

At us favorable offers on installation, commissioning and service of refrigerating appliances ASK-cold work.

Catalog of products