TROX ventiliation equipment

TROX ventilation equipment


Number of the TROX projects implemented by us

Often the only option of maintenance of optimum air exchange indoors is the ventilating equipment. Sufficient level of air circulation is important for creating favorable conditions in rooms with a large number of people, especially in the presence of the production equipment: at offices, at the industrial enterprises, in public places. From there is a need of search of the reliable company which qualitatively and in time will carry out delivery and installation of ventilation.

“Climat PROF Kazakhstan” LLP works at the market of the ventilating equipment of Kazakhstan more than 10 years and is a professional in the industry. We offer the checked ventilating equipment from the TROX company and the subsequent installation of ventilation.

TROX ventilation systems which can be ordered from us:
air-to-water systems;
external blinds are louver dampers;
noise suppressors;
fire-retardant valves;
air consumption regulators.
The choice of necessary components of ventilation systems and scheduling of installation of a system at office or at the enterprise – very responsible process. It is necessary to consider a set of factors: existence of natural air exchange, the room size, type of the used equipment, temperature, the number of workers and features of production. Therefore process of planning and installation of ventilation needs to be entrusted professionals.

Why ventilation systems the Climate is better to order to “PROFESSIONAL Kazakhstan”?

We constantly optimize products, service and productions to supply the ventilating equipment of Kazakhstan to the customer on time. We guarantee high quality of products as we work with TROX major company – the leader of the market making ventilation systems. We propose an optimal solution for each client and individual approach to each order. Ventilation systems is our profile.

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