Ventilation systems and ventilation equipment

Ventilation equipment

The correct arrangement of the ventilation system and the choice of suitable equipment are the factors that should be given special attention in the process of repair or construction a dwelling, as well as administrative and industrial premises. Devices of this kind can be both powerful air-handling units that provide fast air exchange, and relatively small fans, mainly used in bathrooms and toilets. What is ventilation equipment? In fact, ventilation equipment is a technique, the main task of which is to remove exhaust air from the room and, accordingly, to replace it with new, outdoor air. If necessary, additional filtration, air conditioning, cooling or heating can be carried out for air masses.


  • supply ventilation is a system that supplies air to the room, it cools down during the warm period, and heats up during the cold period;
  • exhaust ventilation – removes exhaust air and natural gas combustion products from the room;
  • general ventilation – spreads throughout the entire volume of the room;
  • local ventilation – supply and removal of air in certain places;
  • emergency ventilation – used in rooms where a large amount of hazardous substances can be released for their quick removal;
  • smoke ventilation – used in buildings with increased fire hazard.

The selection and installation of ventilation equipment is a very responsible process. The specialists of the “Climat PROF Kazakhstan” will help design and carry out installation of a ventilation system of any complexity, depending on the individual characteristics of the object.

It should be noted that the presence and the minimum required ventilation parameters are provided for by sanitary and hygienic standards. Therefore, for a beneficial effect on the well-being and health of a person, the air replacement system must be carefully thought out. Where to buy industrial ventilation systems? Do you want to provide a high-quality ventilation system in your own home or industrial facility? Do you know who the best person to contact is? The Climat PROF Kazakhstan Company is always ready to offer its services. Thus, all the products sold are characterized by a favorable and affordable price for each customer, excellent quality and a long service life, and we also offer installation, commissioning and after-sales service of all the equipment supplied by our company.

What do we offer? After reviewing our assortment, you can purchase the following ventilation and air conditioning systems: TROX Ventilation systems from this manufacturer are the most popular on the market and are in fabulous demand among buyers. Thus, TROX ventilation is always distinguished by a long service life, quality and reliability. TROX is the European market leader for ventilation systems with a wide range of products: from large air handling units to airflow control and air distribution systems, the most sophisticated laboratory ventilation equipment, as well as air filtration systems of the highest quality. Maximum comfort and safety during air exchange, as well as the most innovative solutions, unsurpassed design and genuine Made in Germany quality are the benchmarks for TROX in all its activities. “Air control is an art” – these words have been the motto of the TROX Company for over 50 years;

KLIMOR. If the ventilation system was manufactured by this Polish company, then you can be sure that it will cope with all the tasks assigned to it. Indeed, thanks to 45 years of experience, KLIMOR products are often “head and shoulders above” their counterparts from other manufacturers. Outdoor, civil, hygienic and marine supply units, equipment for swimming pools, compact supply units with air conditioning and heating sections, fan heaters and laminar ceilings are just a short and incomplete list of the main types of equipment manufactured in Europe by the KLIMOR Company.

SovPlym This leading Russian manufacturer offers to choose ventilation systems from an extensive list of filtering equipment. SovPlym is an exclusive manufacturer of high-quality equipment for cleaning, filtration, aspiration and air preparation. In addition, all offered ventilation and air conditioning systems are manufactured in strict compliance with all international standards. Especially effective are SovPlym production systems, if necessary, equip workplaces in hazardous industries, to create working conditions that meet the most stringent sanitary and hygienic standards.