Холодильные установки и чиллеры MTA

MTA refrigeration units and chillers


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MTA chillers with air cooling of the condenser differ in the low noise level, an adaptive control system of temperature and a possibility of broad set of configurations. The widest range of models and refrigerating power allow to solve the most various problems of cold supply. Also MTA chillers with air cooling of the condenser can be realized in a configuration with the thermal pump.
MTA chillers are capable to work with water cooling of the condenser effectively in samykhneblagopriyatny conditions, using both water from the cooler, and water from the well. Such chillers are used as for the solution of problems of receiving cold for production needs, and in conditions where installation of the refrigerator on open space is impossible. Possess, usually big refrigerating power and the raised reliability indicators during the 24/7 work/365.
Drycooler MTA allow to reduce significantly temperature of cooling liquid, saving energy consumption and accelerating self-sufficiency of the equipment.
MTA chillers with a frikuling, use low ambient temperature for cooling of the battery of the condenser and are installed outside of buildings. Use of natural weather conditions, especially in spring and autumn time allows to reduce significantly operating time of the compressor, to make energy consumption minimum, increasing the performance of all air conditioning system in general. MTA chillers with a frikuling are made both with portable, and with the built-in batteries of a freecooling.
The MTA compressor and condenser blocks excellently are suitable for a combination together with installations of the central conditioning. The block is run by the parametrical microprocessor controller with a possibility of simple change of operating parameters via the convenient interface.
Refrigerators: principle of action and scope of application The Basic Element of air conditioning system, the chiller, regulates microclimate parameters in the isolated rooms and in big squares. The structure of the chiller includes such elements as the compressor, the condenser, the heat exchanger and the evaporator. Coolant which under pressure contracts and heats up comes to the compressor. Further it moves to the condenser, giving heat to the external environment. Being cooled, coolant is condensed and comes to the throttle located in front of the evaporator. Under the influence of low pressure, coolant instantly extends, reaching gaseous state, and goes to the evaporator. There it absorbs thermal energy from the heat carrier which is flowing round the evaporator and again moves in the compressor. So on the closed cycle any refrigerating appliances also work. The chiller is involved not only in air conditioning systems. In many spheres of economy the refrigerators are considered as an important component of productions: • at laser processing in medicine, optics, an engraving, welding; • when stamping and molding products from plastic and rubber; • at production of foodstuff and drinks; • at chemical reactions; • when processing metals; • in mechanical engineering; • in polygraphy; • in handling of ceramics and wood. Features of classification of chillers On a way of cooling of the condenser of the device are divided into air and water. The first are cooled with the air which is taken away from the outside, the second – water. Depending on construction features the refrigeration units are issued with the built-in condenser or with portable (the main unit is mounted indoors, and the condensing compartment is located outside). There are options when the refrigerating appliances have additional options of heating. What chiller to buy: rules of the choice The important parameters considered upon purchase are: • area of placement; • power; • electricity consumption; • existence of protective automatic equipment. The Climat PROF Kazakhstan company has the wide range of refrigerators and offers each client the optimum chiller (Almaty and other cities of the country are served without delays). All addressed us with desire to buy the chiller, by all means note democratic character of prices and high level of the rendered services. We also provided an opportunity to deliver and install the ordered chiller in any point of Kazakhstan quickly and reliably, according to your individual requirements.

Among the clients trusting to quality of MTA chillers in Kazakhstan:

Lexus center, Almaty

College, Almaty, mdt. Mamyr

Karkara shopping Center, Almaty

JSC KazMineraz, Aktogay field

“Toyta Centre Zhetysu”, Almaty

Yubileyny movie theater, Oskemen

Astana-TV shopping Mall, Astana, Bona cafe, Oskemen, and others.