Увлажнение воздуха и генераторы холодного тумана TecnoCooling

Tecnocooling fogging


Number of the implemented projects during the season

Each system of fogging of TecnoCooling is based on the principle of adiabatic evaporation of water. Thanks to process of transformation of liquid into steam after strong compression by the pump of high pressure and further emission of very small drops of liquid through nozzles – the smallest drops of liquid almost instantly evaporate that leads to process of absorption of energy and cooling of space which fog is thrown out. By means of the fan with water, air temperature indoors decreases due to absorption of the thermal energy demanded for transformation of liquid to gaseous state.

Characteristic which the tumanoobrazovatel has is his work in the open air – restaurants, summer cafes, etc. Fans with water not only humidify, lower temperature, but also eliminate unpleasant smells or work as the moistening system in the enclosed space. By means of the generator of fog the comfortable and healthy microclimate in a certain territory is created.

“Climat PROF Kazakhstan” – the supplier of systems of fogging of TecnoCooling
The equipment of TecnoCooling is created at the plants in Italy, has certificates of quality of Europe, EAS and a two-year guarantee.

To buy the generator of cold fog, pumps, foggy guns or fans with spraying of water and also components to the systems of fogging in Almaty, address to “Climat PROF Kazakhstan” LLP. Our advantage – in cooperation directly with the producer of the equipment that gives the chance to buy very high-quality equipment at the best price directly from the representative of the manufacturing plant.

Each our employee knows the equipment of fogging, feature of its selection, installation and service in all nuances thanks to what fast and effective cooperation with clients is provided. Without having managed to choose independently the generator of cold fog, use our help which consists also in installation of pipes, a fitting, fans and other equipment.

Use of the generator of fog on terraces, summer cafes and arbors
Owners of restaurants, open-air cafe can receive more happy clients if they buy beforehand before approach of a summer season the fog generator. Platforms on the street, terraces and arbors in the territory of which the fog converter is used will become similarity of an oasis in the desert during summer heat.

That to cool an arbor or summer cafe in the best way, it is necessary to establish the nozzles spraying water on perimeter of this territory. It will allow not only to fix comfortable temperature in a zone of a foggy haze, but also not to allow hot air to get in the cooled zone.

The fan with water on the summer platform, as a way to attract clients
Having installed the fan with water dispersion in Almaty, the owner of summer cafe will provide high-quality moistening of air, a comfortable microclimate and along with it will attract more people in the institution. The fact is that the effect of cooling thanks to operation of the fan extends to long distance.

Especially there will be effective a use of a system of fogging in case the restaurant is located near the dusty road on which there go the cars releasing exhaust gases into the atmosphere. For rooms with a big area it will be more favorable to install the fog generator, than to install expensive air conditioning system. It will significantly save expenditure for cooling and moistening of the room and also will increase the performance of work of employees

Technocooling catalog

The systems of fogging Tecnocooling can be used with success not only on open spaces, as well as in the enclosed space where maintenance of stable temperature and moisture conditions is required. In particular: greenhouses, vegetable storehouses, productions of foodstuff, warehouses, etc. An example of application of the Tecnocooling system indoors of the greenhouse you watch video: