Тепловентиляторы, ИК-панели и фанкойлы компании ARBONIA

Arbonia company fan heaters, IR-panels and fan coil


The number of the implemented projects

The AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG concern appeared in 1874, in the city of Arbon (Switzerland), then F.Zh. Foster opened a copper smithy. Later that smithy was converted in a workshop on production of steel pipes. Today “Arbonia” is one of the leading producers of IK-panels, fan heaters, fankoil and has the branches in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic).

A wide range of products allows consumers not only to choose faultless decisions for Heating, Cooling and Ventilation, but also to create the comfortable atmosphere where it is necessary. Thanks to a wide choice of decisions for walls, floors and ceilings the Arbonia products will be suitable for objects of any types – whether it be offices, public buildings, industrial shops or premises.
Thanks to the wide experience in production based on advanced technologies, Arbonia releases qualitative, durable and energy efficient fan heaters, air veils, IR-panels of a water ispoldneniye, a fan coil.

What decisions are submitted by the Arbonia company?

Wall decisions

The Arbonia products provide heating, cooling and ventilation of any room. The most traditional and economic decisions. Differ in simplicity of installation including in already used rooms when additional heating is required.
The range includes: convectors, fan heaters and also thermal veils, series of design radiators Decotherm Plus. It is separately possible to mark out category of products such as: heated towel rails for bathrooms and tubular radiators for premises.

Floor decisions

As the producer of quality products for Heating, Cooling and Ventilation the company offers the heating equipment for installation in floors of rooms. Such decisions are especially effective in cases when it is necessary to warm rooms with a big area of glazing of windows, apertures, stained-glass windows, facades, etc. Are established in a floor along the glazed facades and provide comfortable and natural heating. Work almost silently.
The product range includes: convectors, tubular radiators and vnutripolny convectors.

Decisions for a ceiling

Decisions for heating, cooling and ventilation can be not only traditional execution, but also for installation in ceilings. It gives advantage, especially in rooms of big height (e.g. hangars, warehouses, transport terminals, repair and production facilities, etc.) as allows to solve effectively problems of heating of high rooms where wall and floor systems cannot cope with an objective.
The product range for ceiling application includes: ceiling infrared panels and profiles, fankoyla, fan heaters, innovative elements of air IR-heating like Klix and also thermal veils.