Воздушно-отопительное оборудование

Air-heating equipment



What is thermal or heating equipment? We live in a moderately warm climate and when autumn comes, we think about organizing a warm temperature in the building.

One of the components of coziness is to maintain a comfortable temperature for a person in the room. It does not matter where – in a residential building, in an office, in a warehouse, in a car service – it should be warm everywhere. Otherwise, it will be very problematic to live and work there. To create such conditions, you should use special heating equipment. The presence of serious shortcomings in many heating systems makes you think about looking for new heating methods. Because of this, every year more and more new types of climatic technology appear such innovations include equipment for air heating. Our company can offer you rational solutions in the field of heating equipment.

There are several solutions for your attention:

Fan heaters

It is advisable to use air heaters for industrial or warehouse premises of a large area and with high ceilings. The air heating system can regulate the air temperature, maintaining a comfortable climate in the building, the level of carbon dioxide, the speed of the airflow. However, not everyone knows that these heaters differ from each other in not only design and color, and what is much more important is what hidden inside the case. After all, we know that the “filling” determines how long the device will last and how reliably it will work. Water heaters are particularly valuable in the agricultural sector, as they are the only heating devices of this type that do not burn oxygen. Greenhouse owners have appreciated the advantages of such a heating system, which allows you to create a suitable microclimate without harming the plants.

Some people immediately dismiss the idea of ​​a possible purchase of a water fan heater, due to low mobility. This is the deepest delusion in fact, because, if necessary, you can easily disconnect and install this device in a new place. The body of the unit is made of modern materials, so you can safely transport this unit. If we consider all the heating devices, then we can conclude that each of them has its own shortcomings and trouble spots. A water fan heater is a versatile and cost-effective device, in which there are many more advantages than disadvantages. Of course, you will not be able to use it in the field, but this is not a reason to abandon the use of fan heaters as a supplement to an autonomous or centralized heating system.

Infrared panels

When you need to heat a local area in a room, you can use this device as an energy-saving heating. It is expensive to heat large areas with high ceilings with traditional convectors, since warm air will rise up and cold air will take its place. IR radiation passes through the air without heating it. When infrared radiation hits the surface of the floor, equipment, the material absorbs the radiation and heats up and, accordingly, gives off heat by convection to the surrounding air. A person feels comfort near the infrared panel like a burning fire. Scientists conducted an experiment on heat saving technology: they heated the air in the room to + 45-50°C degrees, but at the same time they froze the walls and people felt cold; then they heated the walls and cooled the air to +10°C degrees – at that moment people felt comfortable.


Radiant heating is not only energy saving, but also indoor comfort:

  1. Energy consumption is 50–65 percent less than with convective heating;
  2. A person gets warm and the objects around him get warm;
  3. The air temperature in the room becomes 3-5 ° C lower than with convective heating;
  4. The effect of infrared radiation appears immediately, without heating the air in the room, its walls and ceiling.

Air curtains

Every time we open the door to the inside of the room, air from the street enters; in the summer, dust enters the room together with the air, in the winter the cold enters the room. The inventors found a way out by creating air curtains.

The trend of moving from making purchases out of necessity to “shopping” as a means of spending leisure time required a new strategy to stimulate sales. In many large and small stores, the doors are open in winter and summer, providing an unlimited view of the displayed goods and attracting a stream of customers. Of course, at the same time – both in shopping arcades and in industrial premises (for example, when the doors of warehouses and workshops are open) – there is inevitably a problem of drafts. There are drafts due to the unwanted penetration of cold outside air into the room. However, thanks to the use of air-heat curtains, only the potential buyer enters the room with the goods through the open door, but not cold air.

You can easily control the air curtain using the remote multi-function remote control. After installing the system, you will make sure that the annoying drafts will not bother you, which negatively affect the work of the maintenance staff. If there are previously installed air conditioning systems, it is okay. The air curtain will facilitate the operation of air conditioners, transferring them to a less stressful mode, thereby reducing the cost of paying for expensive electricity.

Fan coil units

The fan coil is an air conditioner and at first glance is no different from it. Many people use air conditioning in the summer and, going into the store and do not suspect that the fan coil is actually much better than the air conditioner. Fan coil unit means fan and heat exchanger. You can easily adjust the air in the house with the help of a fan coil. By installing fan coils in old houses that have undergone reconstruction instead of standard radiators, you can achieve a significant reduction in the temperature of the supply circuit. Built-in low-noise fans allow you to transfer the same amount of heat at lower temperatures of the supply circuit, and thus increase the efficiency of the heat pump unit. The installation of fan coils in combination with the chiller also provides the possibility of cooling, since the fan coil distributes the cooled air in the same way as the heated air. In combination with proper sun protection systems, it is possible to achieve comfortable temperatures in residential areas without air conditioning.

It is expensive to heat large areas with high ceilings with traditional convectors, because warm air will rise up and cold air will take its place.